EXPOSED: Dental Scams – Is Your Dentist Unethical?

Evil-dentistEver heard conspiracies about dentists and scams? I’m sorry to say these most certainly exist.

I’m not referring to dental insurance scams, although these are commonplace too. What I’m talking about is the unethical business methods your dentist might commit in order to make you part with your hard-earned cash.

One of the most common, unethical methods they use is hard selling.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“If you don’t have your tooth filled, it will decay to the point that in future you will need painful, expensive root canal treatment in future.”, “Your wisdom tooth needs to be extracted, if not, it will impact the other teeth and it is gonna cost you more.”, “Are you SURE you don’t want it fix? Seriously?”

I’ve heard of cases where someone just wants to have their teeth checked but they ended up having cavities filled, wisdom tooth/teeth extracted, fluoride polishing, and overpriced irrelevant oral hygiene products; where some dentists will stop at nothing to get more money out of you.

The ‘Pre-Decay’ Stage

It may interest you to know that before a tooth shows signs of decay it suffers from what dentist call ‘white spot lesions’. The affected tooth will have a soft, wax-like texture with a white appearance. This is the ‘pre-decay’ stage. What your dentist won’t tell you is that it can be reversed naturally.

With constant remineralization, the tooth will repair itself to its normal state. However, since most people aren’t aware that it can be reversed, dentists will just tell you that you have a ‘cavity’ and tell you it needs to be filled.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Another popular and yet completely unethical sale they suggest is implying you should opt in for wisdom tooth extraction.

It is agreed by health officials and studies that any wisdom tooth which isn’t impacting or pushing against your neighboring teeth is perfectly safe to keep. There are no benefits extracting them.

In fact, there’s a greater risk of life-threatening infection which I can bet your dentist won’t tell you about. The cons far outweigh the pros.

However, dentists will lie to you that “having an impacted wisdom tooth gives opportunity to cavity-causing bacteria to multiply which promotes teeth cavities”. These are all LIES!

Let me repeat myself once more: you only need to have your wisdom tooth extracted IF it is affecting your neighboring teeth.

For instance, if the wisdom is touching against another tooth, it can cause the teeth to shift, which means there will be pain and cutting. Here, the extraction is valid, but in most other cases it is entirely fabricated.

Fluoride Treatments

And, finally, there is the propensity toward administering fluoride treatment. Did you know that the fluoride content in your toothpaste is more than enough to protect your teeth? 500 ppm (parts per million) is the standard and recommended level.

But dentists will recommend that you pay for their fluoride treatment, which can cost up to $80-100, dependent on state and country. In fact, most dentists will just do it without your permission and simply charge you at the end of the dental session.

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These are just a few of the common unethical methods your dentist may be trying on you, and thousands of others.

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