Can Prebiotics Supplements Also Be An Acid Reflux Remedy?

Prebiotics supplements are important for your digestive systems, and the best supplements include the necessary components for balancing your digestive health.

foods-high-in-prebiotics[1]But, did you also know that prebiotics supplements can also be effective for helping to control and remedy acid reflux and heartburn problems – as they are also highly related to how you digest the foods that you eat?

Acid reflux is caused when the LES valve in your esophagus that opens to allow food to enter your stomach does not close properly. This allows some of the contents of your stomach to splash back up into your esophagus,along with the stomach acid created in order to digest the foods you eat. It is the stomach acid that causes the burning sensation. Chronic acid reflux can cause a number of health problems,and may even contribute to cancer of the esophagus.

Medications Today Treat The Wrong Thing

Most medications today are aimed at eliminating or neutralizing the stomach acid. However, this can actually be a poor way to treat this problem, as stomach acid is necessary for digesting the food you eat. When you neutralize the stomach acid you inhibit your digestion system from being able to digest food properly.

And this could add to more health problems from improper digestion, along with increasing the production of stomach acid to make up for that which is being neutralized, especially if your diet includes large amount of high fat content proteins, and whole milk products.

The key to stopping the stomach acid from entering the esophagus is not to neutralize it, but rather to allow enhance the ability of your digestive system to do its job more quickly and effectively. This will allow the acid level in the stomach to decrease to normal levels faster,so the acid is in your stomach for a shorter period of time, allow with not requiring excess amounts of acid to be created during digestion.

And this is what prebiotics supplements can do to also be an acid reflux remedy – they can improve and balance your digestive health, which will positively affect how you digest the foods you eat.


How Prebiotics Supplements Help Acid Reflux And Heartburn

Prebiotics supplements can help accomplish this goal in 2 primary ways:

First, prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your colon so they are able to flourish,which helps keep the bad bacteria that is also in your colon from being harmful to your digestion. This is a key benefit to prebiotics supplements – keeping the good bacteria at sufficient levels to do this, so your digestive system is healthier and thus more efficient at digesting your food.

Second, the best prebiotics supplements contain active digestive enzymes AND this is the real key to how the supplements can become an acid reflux remedy. These enzymes are intended to break down and efficiently aid in food digestion – particularly hard to digest proteins that are so much slower to digest, and causes your stomach to create excess stomach acid. This leads to your digestive system being able to digest these proteins faster and more completely,resulting in an even quicker return to normal acid levels in your digestive system.and less chance for those acids to back up in your esophagus.

Additional Ways To Keep Acid Reflux From Occurring

Eat smaller meals. Studies show that distended or overly full stomachs may cause the LES valve to be pushed open and allow acid to escape.

  • Limit chocolate consumption as this relaxes the LES valve
  • Limit the amounts of highly acidic and spicy foods, along with high fat content foods that you eat. These foods add more acid to your system,and foods high in fat are more difficult to digest.
  • Wait 3 hours or more after eating before laying down as gravity will help keep acid from backing back up into your esophagus.

Follow acid reflux diet and guidelines, along with taking a prebiotics supplement with a high concentration of digestive enzymes, and you can reduce, or even eliminate,the occurrence of acid reflux and heartburn.

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